Liege Waffle Iron 4 x 7

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Liege Waffle Iron 4 x 7

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Liege Waffle Iron (small)

When it comes to Liege waffle irons there is only one choice for quality, reliability and endurance. We stock the Supremo waffle iron used throughout Europe.

These machines are imported directly from Belgium where they are lovingly handmade. For smoothness, the plates are fully machined, creating a baking service that produces crisp clean waffles. This equipment is simply the best in the world made without compromise.

Swaffels Large Commercial Liege waffle iron 4 x 13.

Waffle dimensions (mm): 220 x 107 x 30

Waffles: 2-4

Power: 1800 W – 240 V

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 420 x 330 x 390 mm

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