Waffle Lolly on a stick

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Waffle Lolly on a stick

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Waffle Lolly on a stick

These waffle iron are our most popular items. Kids absolutely love these “waffles-on-a-stick”.

Serve them “as is” or dip them in your favourite topping / sprinkles or whatever you fancy.

We have 5 different types of waffles on a stick.

Each machine comes with non-stick coated aluminium plates for commercial use.

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Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 250 x 340 x 310 mm

stainless steel casing, uncoated cast iron baking plates – fix mounted, on/off switch, digital timer, pilot light, thermostat, height-adjustable feet, for 4 waffles @ 60 x 25 x 230 mm 230 V / 2,2 kW 310 x 340 x 250 mm

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